David Lundberg's new book 'Our Magnificent Afterlife' is a gem of a book. His choice of sources is impeccable and the reader can have absolute confidence that the descriptions he gives of the various aspects of our future life are totally consistent with the great body of research compiled over the last 150 years. David guides us gently through an overview of the big pictures of the purpose of life and acknowledges the positive role of religion in attempting to make us aware of God's plan for humanity. He then takes us on a tour of The Summerland and the lower regions and tackles nine misconceptions about the afterlife. A final section on the book looks at ways we can live in a more spiritual way. This book would suit a wider variety of readers from the newly bereaved to those confronting their own mortality. As it is respectful of religion in the broader sense it would also be a great book for those coming from a religious background seeking to broaden their knowledge. Overall a Magnificent achievement,

—Victor and Wendy Zammit, Authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife


Our Magnificent Afterlife by C. David Lundberg is a book whose time has come.  Man has lost the memory of his origin and thus when he comes to the end of his life, does not see where he goes from here.  Indeed many modern youth commit suicide because they have no hope of any future for which to look forward.

This book will also open the door for many who are elderly and are very concerned for what is ahead.  As a counselor for many who have faced their transition to the next life, I would have been very grateful to have such a book to give to those who were in my classes of preparation.  And I see this book as a resource for such classes in the future.  This information is paramount for preparation for the end of life.  It is also very valuable as a study early in life to help guide individuals in their daily living in that they would have a vision of a greater life purpose. 

This book is well-written and easy to read—down-to-earth, yet quite provocative.  Congratulations for a great book of depth and breadth that will do much for people of all ages.  

—Rev. Carl Showalter, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Awareness Fellowship

“Our Magnificent Afterlife is a must read for anyone who wants to know what to expect when at some point they must leave this world for the next. The Summerland is the term used to describe these levels of heaven that the vast majority of us will sooner or later inhabit, the next natural state of our evolution.. It even describes how having a knowledge of what to expect makes the transition even more smooth and wondrous. All this wisdom comes from those who have actually experienced heaven and gives us a step by step approach to this amazing and perfect experience that awaits all of us. I can assure you, after reading this book by David Lundberg, you will no longer have that greatest fear of all, the fear of death."

—Warren King LAc, author of “The Soul’s Journey: A Pre-Life Adventure,” and “Love Your Organs, Love Yourself.”


What happens next? is a question most of us will ponder as we age and realize that we will not always exist as we are now.  In our world of instant communication and the marvels of technology, we have access to many stories and experiences of others who have made that transition, if only we had time to find and study them. 

David Lundberg’s excellent research brings to us, in a single volume, many detailed communications coming from those who are experiencing their magnificent afterlife, and those who have returned following near-death experiences to share what they have learned so we can make the most of our lives here and now.  David has beautifully organized these testimonials and teachings to answer our questions and also to inspire us to seek even more. 

We don’t have to wait.  We can begin building Our Magnificent Afterlife right now!  I highly recommend it!

—Alberta Fredricksen, Conflict and Life Coach. Author of: Resume of a Disciple, and AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race


"Many have forgotten that we are spirit, temporarily inhabiting human form."       Award-winning author Lundberg follows up Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions with a well-researched and thoroughly referenced text that instills belief in the earthly bodies governed by the fear of the unknown. Lundberg tackles complex concepts and comprehensively unpacks them to better facilitate audience understanding.

As on Earth, the afterlife has a series of focal points: free will, knowledge, love, purpose, and justice. In particular, the central location is Summerland, akin to the Garden of Eden and described as the midpoint between earth and the true heaven. Lundberg’s use of Summerland imagery, punctuated by the grandeur of cathedrals and the eternally-flowing, spiritual energy of water is captivating. The afterlife is multifaceted, both ornate and structured for the soul body to shed itself of its attachments and embrace its divine version, liberated from all illness and disabilities. As the souls complete the life review process, where the focus is on the intent of one’s actions rather than the action itself, they become more cognizant and empathetic to their negative actions on earth. The author’s description of “like attracts like” in reference to purgatory and hell is just as engaging: though the cruel will get a chance to cleanse, the cleanse would consist of feeling the same pain they wreaked upon others.

Overall, Lundberg pulls from a myriad of resources, including those who have had near-death experiences to help audiences embrace their fear of the unknown. This book, by its very nature and depth, will spark thought-provoking conversations that make it a surefire must read.

—RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books


A big and comprehensive work…a major undertaking reflecting a great deal of research.

--Professor Stafford Betty, author of The Afterlife Unveiled


Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams compiles information and excerpts from dozens of afterlife sources. It examines the promise of the Heaven World, how souls spend their time, the incredible beauty, soul bodies, mind power, judgment, purgatory, halls of learning, government, and numerous other afterlife aspects in its 55 chapters.

It's a celebratory, passionate examination of everything from motive to soul groups, considering both questions about and common misconceptions of that afterlife.

Many of these questions might feel unexpected to readers anticipating a usual discussion of afterlife spirituality. Such questions include whether individuality is maintained after death, whether or not the afterlife is shadowy or boring, and how self-image and divine purpose enter into afterlife experiences and concepts, making for thought-provoking reading.

C. David Lundberg examines different facets of the afterlife based not on casual research, but a lifelong passion of spiritual research. Over 170 quotations in the book come from souls who have lived a relatively pure life and telepathically sent their afterlife reports to associates on Earth, as well as from select near-death experiences.

Lundberg's mission statement is in his introduction ("My mission became to discover and share the best and most reliable descriptions about the afterlife and the best explanations for how it all works."). It synthesizes, under one cover, a treasure trove of knowledge based on dozens of different sources reporting about the many beautiful, loving, logical and just aspects found in the Heaven World.

It isn't uncommon to have a book compile many such instances; but what sets Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams apart from others on the subject is Lundberg's inclusion of telepathic reports from souls who actually live in the afterlife in addition to select near-death experiences.  It is also his attention to detail and bringing all these experiences together in a uniform manner to answer basic questions about the organization and purposes of the afterlife itself.

No reader who believes in the afterlife should be without this thorough overview that describes the afterlife's organization, promises, and overall significance. This work offers hope, comfort and essential afterlife information for all who have concerns about what follows their lives on Earth.

—Midwest Book Review


Winner, National Indie Excellence Book Award

Winner, USA Book News National Best Book Award

Winner, New England Book Festival

Finalist, ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year

Nautilus Silver Award

Lundberg presents inspirational principles from sacred texts in a wondrous and ingenious way. He gives greater meaning to what we think we already understand, further deepening and clarifying what we need most — a sense of oneness and promise and peace. Every place of worship would do well to have a copy of this book. Open it to any page and you will soon realize that the God of others and your God are one and the same. This book proves, whether you believe in God or not, that God believes in you.

— Lewis M. Randa, Founder and Director, the Peace Abbey


In a world where many conflicts, acts of violence and misunderstandings have been attributed to religions and their differences, it is important for us to have a tool that leads us back to the fundamental values and principles which were given to us. . . . . With the growing global complexities facing us, we must increasingly seek out the common ground that will help to guide us toward loving, harmonious and compassionate living which these sacred teachings reveal. Lundberg’s patient research pulls together these teachings for us in a succinct, clear and meaningful way.

—Audrey Kitagawa, Special Advisor to the World Federation of United Nations Associations; Chairperson of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns

Beneath and beyond doctrine and dogma, this ecumenical treasure book articulates the respect and love within each religion.

—Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis, author of Conscience: The Duty to Obey and the Duty to Disobey


 Religious polarization and intolerance threaten our peace and prosperity. David Lundberg identifies thirty-three basic values shared by seven world religions, giving us the opportunity to understand that all have the same common messages to mankind. It is up to us to try to bridge the gaps between cultures and religions, and this book will help us. It allows us to hope for and work toward a better world tomorrow than the one we live in today.

— Mobeen Khaja, President, Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada

With so much debate raging on about religion today, it’s hard to remember the key values. Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions looks to cut through the nonsense of divisions of the world religions and tries to outline the truth by focusing on what values religions have in common.… A fine dive into the world of God that much of the world could do well remembering.

— Midwest Book Review


 Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is a devastating refutation of those dark spirits who claim that world religions are hopelessly different. Differences there are — and they should be celebrated. But Lundberg here shows how close the world faiths are on the core issues of mercy, forgiveness, repentance, honesty, patience — in fact, all the great moral teachings of every religion are undeniably present in all the rest. A splendid achievement.

— Dr. Tim Winter, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge


Of all the volumes I have read throughout the decades concerning the ‘universal truths’ flowing throughout the world’s major religions, this book by author C. David Lundberg, Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is the most complete, accurate and comprehensive. As I have said for so many years, whenever a faith begins to go beyond certain common ‘spiritual truths’ it doesn’t take a genius to see the hand of man rather that the guiding light of God. Without condemnation and convoluted reasoning, Lundberg clearly and concisely guides the reader through each of the world’s major religions and uses that religion’s sacred texts to show these common denominators.

— Rev. Ernest A. Steadman; Universal Peace Ambassador, Geneva, Switzerland; Founder of the Knights of Good Works and the United Interfaith Ministers Association


Lundberg’s obvious devotion speaks to the heart and soul, urging us to align with the Divine that abides within each of us. By our willing acceptance of unity, Divine Purpose naturally unfolds and brings an end to unfounded religious conflicts, thus ushering in peaceful co-existence.

—The US Review of Books


Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is a whiff of fresh air from very old religions. In the world divided by respective dogmas of religions, this very scholarly book by David Lundberg tries to and succeeds in removing our blinkers. God bless him and his mission.

—Swami Agnivesh, Chairperson of the UN Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Founder-head of the Bandhu Mukti Morcha (Bonded Labour Liberation Front),President of the World Council of Arya Samaj

David Lundberg’s Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is a remarkable book that takes us to the heart and soul of the teachings of the world’s religions. At a time in history when the rise of distorted forms of the major religions are being used to promote and justify violence and injustice, war and conflict, it is a blessing to have the wonderful compilation of quotes from the sacred writings that illustrate so clearly the common values and beliefs in world religions of the teachings of peace, justice, mercy, compassion, and understanding.

— Dr. Michael McKale, Department of Religious Studies, St. Francis University


In this time of violence between and within many of the world’s religions, it is extremely important, perhaps vital for our survival, for all of us to understand one another’s religions and teachings. This is an indispensable guide to the commonalities in the major world religions. Lundberg shines a clear moral spotlight on what we need to know about each other, and therefore allows us to reach out to one another. We should be grateful for his compassionate and clear voice.

— Professor Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University, Washington, DC


 Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is an amazing undertaking! The book has much to offer, especially for those who aren’t familiar with religions other than their own. Lundberg’s research is presented in segments of basic principles, with special emphasis on teachings that validate them. All in all a good resource book for teachers of religion, and an accessible tool for students and those on the journey.

— Kay Lindahl, author of The Sacred Art of Listening, Founder of the Alliance for Spiritual Community, Chair of the North American Interfaith Network


 Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is an important educational tool for constructing an attitude of respect for ‘the other.’ It provides a significant service in bringing together selected religious sources on a wide variety of religious principles. This service is especially meaningful thanks to the author’s decision to put an emphasis on traditional ‘orthodox’ approaches and bringing direct quotes from sacred texts. In this way the book teaches what the different religions really have in common, which teaches us not to see ‘the other’ as a threat and to really respect him.

— Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Executive Director, Interfaith Encounter Association


David Lundberg distills the spiritual essence of seven major religions with examples from sacred and other writings that often reach exalted levels of literary expression. Despite historical, creedal, and philosophical differences, world religions do in fact bear remarkable similarities. The author’s premise that varied religious traditions intuit the same knowledge of God should encourage devotees of every faith in their quest. The usefulness of this innovative book is enhanced by easy-to-follow presentation, extensive suggestions for further reading, and a detailed index. What a great resource for preachers and all seekers!

— Ruth Hoppin, author of Priscilla’s Letter: Finding the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews


Does an excellent job of raising questions that in turn lead readers to learn about the different faiths in a way that is accepting of other belief systems.

— TCM Reviews


Religion and spirituality are frequent subjects of conversation and controversy. More people are killed in the name of God than anything else. Many are passionate about their beliefs and avow that theirs is the only path to God and salvation. C. David Lundberg has taken on the monumental task of showing the reader the similarities rather than the differences between major world religions, proving that they have the power to unify rather than divide. If people of all religious backgrounds would read the book, we would have a better chance of understanding each other and achieving world peace.

— New Age Journal


I was fascinated by this thought-provoking, well-documented study of the world’s major religions and their insights into universal truths. This captivating work provides a rich perspective of principles that support our spiritual journey and confirms that we are truly all one with each other. For all of us who are on a path that seeks understanding and diverse viewpoints, this book is invaluable.

— Cyndie Koopsen, coauthor of Spirituality, Health, and Healing


 This book is exactly the need of the hour. The author’s careful and profound analysis of the similarities of the world’s major religious teachings is knowledge that everyone who is seeking to grow in the consciousness of Oneness can make use of. Reading it carefully one must come away with a new or renewed sense of the extreme importance of each choice to love God and the God in each of us, however varied are the names of God being used. The book and its essential messages are a significant contribution to the raising of the consciousness of the individuals and of the planet as a whole toward greater peace and harmony.

— Caroline Hanstke, coauthor of Why We Do What We Do


 A gift to our fragmented world, this thoughtful reference guide for all spiritual leaders and seekers provides the incentives and the substance for reconciliation. Lundberg creates a bridge to higher consciousness by drawing forth universal spiritual principles and illuminating both our divine oneness and uniqueness. This book is a treasure to keep close at hand — a rich and inspiring resource in understanding our spiritual relationship to one another.

— Alberta Fredricksen, author of Resumé of a Disciple: Stepping Up Spiritually


Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is a profoundly inspiring and grounded offering to world peace. C. David Lundberg has carefully — and with wisdom — chosen traditional scriptural teachings of the world’s seven major religions and offered them to us to drink in the universal truths found within. This book is not only for reading, contemplation, and meditation. It is a guide for seekers and a bridge for greater understanding. . . . I recommend this book as foundational study for all seekers in pursuit of world peace and harmony. I plan to introduce this book into my interfaith community’s spiritual development curriculum as an accessible, enjoyable and transformative journey through the world’s religions.

— Rev. Karen Lindquist, Interfaith Community Church


 A rich compilation of fundamental truths that are applied to all areas of personal living and outline a path to peace and unity among all people. Lundberg brings our focus back to our true identity and our oneness as brothers and sisters in the one family of God.

— Rev. Carl Showalter, Spiritual Awareness Fellowship of Chicago


That the world religions, while differing from one another, mediate the same truths about divinity and the human vocation is demonstrated in this book by the collection of beautiful quotations gathered from diverse religious traditions.”

— Dr. Gregory Baum, Professor Emeritus, McGill University


 Offers a wonderful and simpler way of looking at the world, and it’s backed up by the common principles shared by all the major religions. It opens wide the door for a new era of peace, greater spirituality, fulfillment, love, and joy! If you believe in God, buy this and read it! Even if you’re not sure about God, this book could make you very interested in who believes what.

— Marian Salzman, named among the “top five trendspotters in the world,” author of fifteen books


 Lundberg highlights the universal themes behind all perennial wisdom teachings, gently reminding us that it is because of their very universality that these teachings have withstood the test of time. We have arrived in an era in which all faiths are enjoined to treat one another with harmony and respect. This is no longer a luxury but a necessity for global survival.... By embodying the rules for loving living as the author suggests, we can rise to the call of being true custodians of divine love on the planet, as we honor it inside ourselves and embrace it within others.

— Joy Leo, MA Buddhism, Buddhist life coach


 Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions can help humanity face today’s growing challenges and transform the world into a better place for all of us. A highly recommended read.

—Geela Parish, author of The American Dream


 I am passionate about what David has set forth in this book. I believe that in our current global environment it is imperative that we focus on our commonalities rather than our differences.

— Andrew J. Blumenschein, International Event Facilitator and Lecturer


 Truly a wonderful gift to humanity! Mr. Lundberg has carefully researched and documented the truth of the perspective that I have intuitively felt: the various religions across the world all point to the same conclusion, which is even more relevant and important given that, in recent years, various groups with their own political agendas have promoted so much division among humans. This book is truly a breath of fresh air and a shining and loving light to illuminate the darkness.

 — Dr. John A. Healy, Clinical Psychologist


 This very powerful work touches the heart and soul in a unique and direct way. Spiritual beauty permeates the book as it points the way to unity and understanding in the mystical contexts of the world’s major religions. The easy-to-understand style belies the very deep, significant principles in the subject matter. This book makes the world a better place; people who read it will be blessed.

— Rev. David Bunn Martine, Director/Curator, Shinnecock Nation Cultural Center and Museum