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276 pages
Fifty-five chapters

Paperbook ISBN: 978-0-9796308-1-1
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9796308-3-5
Copyright 2019
Published in Bozeman, Montana

Award-winning author Lundberg follows up “Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions” with a well-researched and thoroughly referenced text… This book, by its very nature and depth, will spark thought-provoking conversations that make it a surefire must read.
— --The US Review of Books

Hope & Guidance for a Troubled Planet

  • Excerpts from dozens of afterlife sources

  • The astonishing beauty of the Heaven World

  • How we spend our time in the afterlife

  • Our life review, judgment, Purgatory and Hell

  • Mind power, telepathy, and our spiritual bodies

  • Cities, government, recreation, and more

Most people don’t understand life’s true meaning and purpose because they don’t understand what happens after death. Our Magnificent Afterlife presents a unique overview of the various facets of the hereafter. Its fifty-five chapters cover such topics as:

  • ·Our Brethren in the Afterlife Want Us to Know the Truth

  • The Incredible Beauty of the Afterlife

  • Summerland!

  • Purgatory and Hell

  • Life Review and Judgment

  • How Souls Spend their Time

  • The Afterlife is Far More Real and Tangible than Life on Earth!

  • Music and the Arts

  • Government in Divine Order

  • And many more descriptions of life after “death” 

  • How Souls Spend their Time

  • The Afterlife is Far More Real and Tangible than Life on Earth!

  • The Spiritual Body

  • Cities in Eternity

  • Soul Groups

  • Mind Power and Telepathy

  • Halls of Learning

  • Recreation in the Afterlife

  • What is it Like to Experience Joy in Heaven?

“Our Magnificent Afterlife” is a must read for anyone who wants to know what to expect when at some point they must leave this world for the next. All this wisdom comes from those who have actually experienced heaven and gives us a step by step approach to this amazing and perfect experience that awaits all of us. I can assure you, after reading this book by David Lundberg, you will no longer have that greatest fear of all, the fear of death.”
— Warren King L.Ac, author of The Soul’s Journey: A Pre-Life Adventure

By the end of Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams, you will understand why life is more beautiful and loving than most people realize. You will understand how we learn and grow forever in ever-greater degrees of divine consciousness.  You will grasp the divine and loving logic behind karmic justice as every soul is filled with a strong desire to reach greater degrees of spiritual evolution.  

“Our Magnificent Afterlife” is a book whose time has come. It will open the door for many who are elderly and are very concerned for what is ahead. This information is paramount for preparation for the end of life.

--Rev. Carl Showalter, Director, Spiritual Awareness Fellowship

Lundberg’s excellent research brings to us many detailed communications coming from those who are experiencing their magnificent afterlife, and those who have returned following near-death experiences…so we can make the most of our lives here and now.

--Albert V. Fredricksen, author of Resume of a Disciple: Stepping Up Spiritually

C. David Lundberg is the award-winning author of Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions. A lifelong spiritual researcher, he has organized the findings of dozens of different afterlife sources that share descriptions of what the afterlife is like and how it works. Our Magnificent Afterlife is a significant new resource that offers hope, comfort and guidance for anyone who has questions or concerns about what happens next.

What does it feel like to be “dead”?

What do souls do in the afterlife?

What is the afterlife environment like?

Does the afterlife seem more or less real than Earth life?

How can I get to Heaven after all the sins I’ve committed?

How does learning more about the afterlife change a person’s life?

Is there really a place prepared for us where beauty, love, joy, and peace exceed our fondest dreams?

These and other thought-provoking questions are answered in this book about the afterlife—the life we find ourselves living after we pass from this life.