Heavenlight Press

Heavenlight Press serves all those seeking hope and direction for a better future, both in this world and the next.

Heavenlight Press is a small but growing independent publishing company offering books that elevate the spirit, reveal the beauty inherent in creation and bring solace, direction and inspiration to seeking souls in all walks of life.  It provides foundational spiritual teachings that are well-researched and easy to read.


The Mission of Heavenlight Press is to nurture and promote a more fulfilling spiritual life for all seeking it, enabling authentic spiritual experiences and advancement.


Our vision is to be a respected and reliable source of accurate spiritual information that draws from the highest sources and interpretations from the Wisdom traditions throughout history.

The company has published two books to date:

The award-winning, Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions [link to book page].

and Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams [link to book page].

A third book is currently under development addressing an accelerated path for spiritual growth. A blog, Youtube videos, and an online course are also in development.

Some of the results and benefits of this knowledge are:

            Losing the fear of death

            Enjoying a greater sense of fulfillment and well-being

            Taking control of your life

            Feeling inspired and empowered

            Enjoying happier and more harmonious relationships

Heavenlight Press is run by C. David Lundberg, his wife Gretchen and a small team of writers, editors and publishing assistants.

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Heavenlight’s publications help to meet the growing demand from spiritual seekers of all ages and religious backgrounds to learn about and better understand religion and spirituality.  Extensive research has been done to provide concise spiritual teachings based on numerous sources from religions as well as spiritual organizations which are essential for spiritual growth. Its books enable readers to feel more connected with all the good and positive aspects of life, and experience greater peace of mind. Its publications help readers realize the Divine within. Some of the basic ideas covered include:

            God is our Creator and the source of all life.

            We are spiritual beings, temporarily inhabiting a physical form.

            The Golden Rule.

            Our deepest basic spiritual nature is loving kindness and service.

Topics that are covered include essential teachings for spiritual evolution, various aspects of the afterlife and explanations of spiritual mysteries.