David with his wife Gretchen

David with his wife Gretchen

David’s search for spiritual answers began at a very young age. His earliest memories from around age three include looking up into the sky and wondering “who and what is God?” In his teens, David served as an acolyte and choir member in the Episcopalian church, but felt in his heart that there was something more. He worked summers during his teen years and also later as a printing press operator and in marketing for the family business, Life Study Fellowship. LSF still publishes Faith magazine and also provides a prayer service for members. At thirty, David left Life Study to continue his search for spiritual answers.

Lundberg presents inspirational principles from sacred texts in a wondrous and ingenious way. He gives greater meaning to what we think we already understand, further deepening and clarifying what we need most–a sense of oneness and promise and peace. Every place of worship would do well to have a copy of this book

— .–Lewis M. Randa, Founder and Director, the Peace Abbey

 There was a point at age twenty when David was very troubled about his life. After fervent prayer one night a light brighter than the sun gradually appeared in the upper right corner of his bedroom—extremely bright but not bothersome to his eyes—and he felt instantly rejuvenated, filled with hope and energy. This bright light matches numerous descriptions that have been given by many who have had near-death or out-of-the-body experiences. That light has sustained his belief, along with other experiences, in the realities of spiritual life.

In David’s quest for spiritual truth and experience, he began meditating in 1973. Despite taking breaks from it, his current meditations have strongly contributed to his second book on the afterlife. His search has also included research into Christian texts that were excluded from the Bible, and encompassed sacred texts across the religious spectrum. David has also been a member of several spiritual associations, and has traveled to the Egyptian pyramids and other sacred sites in India and Nepal in search of answers. He has discussed his first book and various aspects of spirituality on radio and TV, and occasionally leads group guided meditations.

David’s motivation is strong due to the heartbreaking misery and misunderstandings on Earth. He is extremely concerned about the suffering of the innocent, especially the children. David feels that this misery is caused not only by the relatively few sociopaths who want to control everything, but also by the lack of awareness by so many of the truth of our divinity, the joys of including God in our life, and the principles and practices that can get us there.

David with son Dorje and friends in Kathmandu, Nepal

David with son Dorje and friends in Kathmandu, Nepal

Based on his spiritual research, David has been creating in his books a basic foundation of principles and explanations regarding mankind’s spiritual nature. He believes that the information in these books is vitally important for many souls to achieve spiritual advancement and avoid the turmoil and stress of the negative forces currently in play on Earth.

 His first award-winning book, Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions, highlights thirty-three principles shared by all world religions, confirmed by over 800 excerpts from their sacred texts. These commonalities transcend religion and many of the limitations that can bind believers to a more restricted and “traditional” viewpoint, preventing the realization of the limitless illumination that can be experienced through attunement with our inner divinity.

 David Lundberg’s Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is a remarkable book that takes us to the heart and soul of the teachings of the world’s religions. At a time in history when the rise of distorted forms of the major religions are being used to promote and justify violence and injustice, war and conflict, it is a blessing to have the wonderful compilation of quotes from the sacred writings that illustrate so clearly the common values and beliefs in world religions of the teachings of peace, justice, mercy, compassion, and understanding.

— Dr. Michael McKale, Department of Religious Studies, St. Francis University

 David’s newly-released second book, Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams, offers a unique overview of the heaven-worlds. Its fifty-five chapters address the many different aspects of life after death, including the beauty of the afterlife, logical explanations of the design of the afterlife, divine justice, how afterlife government works when it is needed, what souls spend time doing, and numerous other topics. This book is the result of researching over seventy books on the afterlife. It contains over 170 quotations from over thirty sources, from souls who either live in the afterlife or who have visited there, coming from the most reliable telepathic writing and near-death experiences.

 “Our Magnificent Afterlife” synthesizes, under one cover, a treasure trove of knowledge based on dozens of different sources reporting about the many beautiful, loving, logical and just aspects found in the Heaven World. No reader who believes in the afterlife should be without this thorough overview that describe the afterlife’s organization, promises, and overall significance. This work offers hope, comfort and essential afterlife information for all who have concerns about what follows their lives on Earth.

--Midwest Book Review

 David’s third book, now being written, will present accelerated pathways for our spiritual evolution, and will uncover what his research suggests are the often-misunderstood interpretations of what Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha revealed to their disciples.

David finds playing the piano balancing, strengthening, and an inspiring activity.

David finds playing the piano balancing, strengthening, and an inspiring activity.

 My goal is to use clear and simple language in my books that is easy to read. I encourage all spiritual seekers to focus as much as possible on whatever they decide is spiritual truth to them, for only that way can we make this world a better place. I encourage everyone who senses that there is so much more to live for to do their spiritual research. We are blessed with an incredibly good Creator.  We are loved by that Creator, the spiritual hierarchy and countless other souls far more than we realize. We all need to fight the darkness on Earth by growing in our spirituality, if we are to raise this planet up and create a better future for ourselves and our brothers and sisters. I believe that the highest, most important and most powerful spiritual principles transcend religions and will benefit everyone who applies them.

An avid reader and researcher, David also enjoys playing piano, hiking, kayaking and sharing road trips and occasional journeys to faraway lands with his wife Gretchen. They spend most of their time in beautiful Montana.