Who We Really Are -- Our Divine Identity

Self-image and self-awareness are extremely important factors in life, and affect how successful and joyful our life experience is.  There is one underlying cause for the needless tragedy, suffering, fighting, and lack in the world.  It is simply this: mankind has an identity crisis!

Because we have forgotten that we are truly spirit, just temporarily inhabiting a physical form, we are vulnerable to all kinds of fears, stress, misunderstandings, jealousies, and a host of other negatives.

When we forget that we are individual souls, yet at the same time united with God and our fellow man, we get into trouble.  We need to remember that divinity lies in everyone (though in some its light has been totally eclipsed), and we need to practice seeing and knowing that divinity.

The self-image that we each have of ourselves is crucial to how we treat ourselves, others and God.  One of the most universal concepts in the many modalities of psychological treatment is the understanding of how essential a positive self-image is for happiness and mental balance.  Life can be heaven or hell depending on our closeness with spirit and how well we forgive ourselves and others for errors. 

Who is it that we really are?  We are a part of God, and we are children of God—God’s creation.  This fact is one of the universal concepts shared by the world’s religions.  How can we not be?  After all, the world religions agree concerning the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of God—God is within us and knows our innermost thoughts this very moment, and always!  We can experience the glorious awareness of God’s presence in the form of Divine Light and Love, permeating all—the joy of actually living within the body of God.

            Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

            --1 Corinthians 3:16

Many afterlife teachings affirm this as well.  Afterlife research reveals that many souls can feel the presence of God in and around them.  And, that the true nature of our hearts is to develop and practice greater love, to attain greater mastery and closeness with God, and the beauty and the holiness of His creation. 

Despite our awareness of how imperfect we are—of the large number of mistakes we have made in life, it is important to realize that the real you is perfect.  The real you was created by God, and God can only create perfection.  And because God has the qualities of the “three omnis,” it would be impossible for Him to be separate from the real you.

The pure, good, and true aspect of every person is a part of God—a son or daughter of God.  Because God has given us the gift of free will, we can choose to ignore God, or be poorly attuned with God.  We can hold many false beliefs and even feel a great sense of separateness from God, others, or even ourselves.

We are always using energy supplied by God.    We are creators with God every moment we qualify His energy for good.  We are creators, but not with God’s blessing or will, every moment we qualify His energy unwisely.

Our consciousness is who we really are.  It is not dependent on a physical body.  When our current physical form is no more, we will be less encumbered in our ability to see our real, spiritual world.  The bottom line is that our consciousness goes on forever, using spiritual bodies after we leave our physical body.                

Feel empowered by the knowledge that life goes on forever, that as we increase our attunement with God, we increase our love of others, the beauty we will experience, and the holiness.  Feel free to live a full life!

There is abundant evidence for all this and more to be found in both religion and in afterlife data.  I encourage all to research this exciting field that tells us of our unlimited divine potential.

David Lundberg