C. David Lundberg

After six decades of seeking and finding, David’s goal is to provide what he believes to be essential spiritual information for a troubled planet. His second book, Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams was released on June 5th, 2019, and so far has received excellent reviews. Readers report that the book’s information about the afterlife is extremely comforting.

David’s award-winning first book, Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions: Practical Principles for Living and Loving in Peace, establishes a solid foundation of spiritual principles shared by all world religions that can easily be embraced by all good people.

David is currently working on his third book containing teachings and techniques for accelerating spiritual growth.


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Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams


The descriptions Lundberg gives of the various aspects of our future life are totally consistent with the great body of research compiled over the last 150 years.

--Victory and Wendy Zammit, authors of A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

There is no need to wait until death before learning about the afterlife. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a comforting sense of peace and security after learning about what comes after this life on Earth. You can also enjoy the anticipation of entering a new life with perfect health, and experiencing a greater flow of love and loving light between all souls and life forms.

Most books about the afterlife are about an individual’s relatively brief near-death experience. As enlightening as these are, Our Magnificent Afterlife also includes numerous telepathic reports from souls who actually live in the afterlife. The book contains over 170 quotations mostly from souls who live there or have visited there.

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Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions is a devastating refutation of those dark spirits who claim that world religions are hopelessly different…All the great moral teachings of every religion are undeniably present in all the rest. A splendid achievement.
–Dr. Tim Winter, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

It is only natural that God would give all people simple universal principles for living life, which if followed, would lead to the most fulfilling, loving, successful, and enjoyable life. These principles can be found commonly held within the sacred texts of all world religions. It’s logical to embrace these unifying truths and enjoy their supreme, eternal benefits.

A Blueprint for Living

It’s vital to establish, out of the tens of thousands of books on spirituality and religion, filled with thousands of concepts, the information we can be most certain of, that we can depend on, amidst all the speculation and misinterpretations. The most powerful and life-changing religious and spiritual principles are those commonly held by every world religion. These principles are far more important than any actual or perceived differences in the religions. Why do we need to know and apply these principles? One reason is to provide the motivation and the ability to love more–to love God more, to love others more, and ourselves.