A Warning About the Afterlife

I feel compelled to share what one professor who has researched the afterlife wrote to me about the descriptions in my new book, Our Magnificent Afterlife.  “Too cheery” he said.

  This is true, in a large sense, and must be explained. The souls who were selected to share their descriptions of the afterlife in my book were above average in their love of God, in their attunement with God and in living a more righteous life on Earth. Their descriptions were selected for my book because they were not only quite positive, but because they had led good lives on Earth. I knew that their attunement and descriptions would be more accurate and less prone to any illusions and less pleasant environments that are sometimes temporarily experienced in the lower astral realms by “average” souls. I sought out descriptions that would be less likely to be inaccurate due to the stronger connection with higher realms of greater divine reality.

  Thus, the purpose of this blog is to act as a warning.  Divine justice is truly fair. An integral aspect of it is karma and the Law of Attraction— ‘Like Attracts Like.” Afterlife teachings reveal that we may experience the sorrows, pain and grief we have caused others, though it may be mitigated to some extent by God’s grace, depending on what degree we strive to comprehend what we have done and make amends for our errors. In other words, when we cross over, if we have not lived lives as good or better than the relatively pure souls who described their afterlife experiences in my book, our afterlife experience may initially (after our life review and before we can commence with the countless beautiful aspects the afterlife offers) consist of atoning for our past errors.

  I am no exception. I committed my share of errors and deeds in the past that have caused others pain mostly through ignorance and selfishness. These acts were usually, but not always, lacking any intent to harm others. So, I have my karma to face too!

My writing now is primarily for the joy of sharing the love God has for us, and secondarily to help make amends for past errors. I am convinced that the descriptions in the book are not only accurate, but fall far short of the ultimate bliss and ecstasies that await all good people. There are numerous places in the book that deal frankly with the consequences of unrighteous living that cause harm to others and are not in alignment with God’s will. Chapters such as “Purgatory and Hell,” “The Soul Undergoes a Life Review,” and “Judgment” focus particularly on the corrective feedback souls need to be admitted into higher realms of light. The book contains much advice from souls in the afterlife about how to live a life of rapid spiritual progress, so that we might enjoy afterlife circumstances just as “cheery” as the ones featured in the book, if not more so.

  Let us all rise up to a higher level of spiritual knowledge and understanding about divine justice and strive for attunement with the same consciousness of Christ and Buddha, which results in experiencing a greater flow of Loving Light. As we do, we will feel the divine peace and joy of our Creator, who understands and forgives us so generously, once we comprehend our mistakes and strive to make amends when possible, and pray for all who we may have harmed.

  Again, be forewarned of the importance of causing no harm to others. Seek instead divine guidance through meditation and prayer and act upon it. Practice the Golden Rule, a mighty law found in all world religions. Accept guidance from attunement with your Higher Self. The afterlife IS truly magnificent—a place where the love we’ve given (or lack of it) is multiplied back to us in numerous forms.

David Lundberg