What Paradise is Like

My belief in an afterlife began at a young age and was strengthened at age 20 when a radiant sun appeared before me. I then knew there was something more…beyond our Earth life, that awaited us. In the last several years I set out to discover what else I could find on the afterlife, deciding to research in depth various descriptions about it. I learned a lot, and can only conclude that Paradise is most definitely real. Souls who live there report that it’s important for everyone to have a greater awareness of the varying experiences that await us after we leave the Earth.

Another name for Paradise is the “Summerland.” It has also been called, depending on the source, the “upper astral plane” or the “lower etheric octave.” It is an environment of great loveliness, more beautiful than Earth.  There are also countless reports of “higher realms” beyond the Paradise level, even more beautiful, joy-filled, and peaceful.

In this article I’ll share a brief overview of the Summerland based on a number of afterlife communications from numerous souls who have successfully communicated to us through near-death experiences, telepathic or automatic writing and by other means. Reports indicate that the Summerland is experienced by souls who have passed away and have lived relatively good lives on Earth.  Perfection is not required, but having a good and loving intent behind one’s actions is important.  To arrive in an environment of loving and good people, who enjoy helping each other, means that we have to be the same way.  For “like attracts like” in the spiritual world, and we will wind up at a level or environment populated with those of like mind.  As there are many different levels of thinking and feeling among the inhabitants in the afterlife, each soul will congregate to others of similar type, in the location most appropriate. After “death,” it is reported that there are no sudden changes in our personality and our memories stay with us.

The Paradise level, being much like the Earth, is more colorful. It is without the many forms that detract from the Earth’s beauty. It has gardens, streams, grasslands, mountains and forests. There are halls of learning, homes of rest and healing for the newly arrived, personal homes, and much more that is similar to earth living—but more attractive.

It is reported that flowers are found in great quantities containing varieties, colors and scents that we find here on Earth, but also other varieties unknown to us here. The trees, grass, as well as the flowers and other plant life are immune from decay and death. Incredibly, because they are so full of life, if we place our attention on them, they respond and can even energize us.

  Birds and animals are our friends and show no fear of us, as they don’t suffer from any of Earth’s cruelty in Paradise.  There are houses and gardens with wide-ranging harmonies of color. 

  Residents tell us that there is often a palpable sense of the presence of God.  There is brotherly love shared by all who encounter each other.  And there is still plenty of room for humor—sometimes shared by souls seeing the misunderstanding and ignorance of us here on Earth. 

  Thoughts are powerful in Paradise, where communication is often accomplished through telepathy, and travel from place to place can be done by mentally focusing upon the desired location.

  Reports indicate that age differences disappear over time. All souls return to their youthful and energetic “prime of life.”  There is no sickness, no need for food or drink, no need for rest.  There are no days because there are no nights to separate them—it is one ongoing day, without the need for sleep.

  For those who are interested in learning more there are several hundred if not thousands of books available on the afterlife. They provide fascinating evidence for its existence, as well as enthralling details about what souls do with their time, group souls, our judgment, universities, music and the arts, the great joys that await all good people and much more. Despite the afterlife offering an ongoing life that is better than most expect, we are instructed to live our full time on Earth and to not cut it short prematurely.

David Lundberg