Counting Our Blessings and Giving Love

It is so important for every soul to daily count their blessings and to feel tremendous gratitude for them. Let this short article be a reminder of how the flow of loving gratitude works.

God loves us more than the best, most loving parents on Earth love their children. In addition, in God’s Kingdom, there are many, many souls who love us, and are available to help us---many more than we now know, many that we have forgotten, and many who we have never personally known. These may be friends and relatives who have passed on, or they may be other souls who have similar interests and goals as ours, or other high souls including Angels and Ascended Masters, who radiate tremendous loving energy and guidance to everyone in need.

We can more readily be in the flow of this love when we realize that it is available. We are able to call for assistance and guidance from Heaven whenever we feel the need. Our call will be answered, if it is in line with God’s Will. We may or may not notice an immediate response—but the call compels the answer. We are blessed in our knowledge that our entire universe, God and His Kingdom and Consciousness, is ultimately composed of love. It is the nature of divine life. This also follows the law of karma—we reap what we sow, or “like attracts like.” The more we love the more we are loved.

Based on research of the world religions and also many varied sources reporting on what life is like in the afterlife, the ultimate state of being is one of immersion in love—in the joy of selfless service. This is easier for souls in the higher realms of the afterlife, because on Earth numerous distractions and impediments can make this blissful state more difficult to sustain. Nevertheless, when a person is healthy and focusing on helping and loving others, the mundane aspects of oneself are forgotten—which is tremendously freeing.

This is how selfless service works. It’s like getting to be Santa Claus every day—giving love, and being instantly replenished by a replacement flow of loving light—of God’s energy, that we can again qualify with more love, and send out. This flow of love gives all who are in it, who are practicing it, a joyful peace and sense of well-being.

Every day a quick review of one’s individual blessings is helpful, accompanied by offering our beloved Creator our thanks. Our blessings come in many forms, including loving relationships, our health and the health of our loved ones, a roof over our head and adequate financial supply. As we send love to the source of our blessings we magnetize more loving energy to share with others.

This is, of course, more difficult for those suffering serious lack in any of the basic requirements of Earth life. The potential for radical improvement in one’s situation exists as we thank our Creator for the blessings we do have, and lovingly ask for divine assistance wherever help is needed. A strong faith and a trusting innocence make our prayers for help more effective, along with visualizing and feeling the answer to our prayers, without concern for how results will be achieved.

The daily ritual of counting our blessings and giving loving gratitude for them can work miracles!

David Lundberg